Hello! My name is Rowyn. I am an artist from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I work with many different mediums and tools to make unique, colorful, and functional art. I love to try all sorts of mediums and follow my heart wherever it takes me and my creations.

  • Rexlace
  • Wood of any type
  • Burls
  • Paints
  • Epoxy

Browse this website to learn more about the art that Rowyn Hagen designs. From string art, to decor, stage setups, custom furniture, and other woodworking projects, Rowyn works in many mediums. You can find him vending at events around the Midwestern USA with his girlfriend Christina from DeLuna Roseblood Creations. Watch this space to keep up to date on any festivals or shows we’ll be working with to give you the full psysperience!

Stage Design & Decor

Perplexed Deco

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