Cereal Thor Mod – Performer Shape Lightning Kendama

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This Kendama Features Blue Glow in the dark pigment with a touch of Green Glow in the dark pigment giving it a beautiful marbling effect

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This is the very first Cereal Thor Mod lightning kendama I’ve made. Electrified with 10,000 volts of electricity to create lightning patterns then using a special proprietary process I fill in the burn patterns created by the electricity with glow in the dark pigment and epoxy then sand the kendama back down to its original shape and giving it a silky smooth finish better than it came from the factory. I then apply a teak oil finish giving it a warm feeling in the hand and provide extra grip along with protecting the wood from moisture. I tried something new with this ken by filling in the open pore of the ash with glow pigment and epoxy, I really love the effect it gave it!

Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. The electricity will never follow the exact same path on each piece so everything is completely unique to your kendama and there will never be one like it again.

After aggressive testing I’ve noticed that the glow pigment and epoxy actually strengthens the wood so don’t be afraid to play with your kendama to your hearts content! If something ever does happen please send me a email so I can see about fixing it for you as I take pride in my work and want to see it last.

Each purchase comes with a UV keychain flashlight so you can admire it or show off your piece at any time!

The lighting is glow in the dark and will get charged from any light source but UV light charges it up the fastest.

When your eyes are adjusted to the dark the lightning will glow for quite a long time. I’ve gone to bed and woken up hours later to find the lightning still glowing which was a pleasant surprise.

Tama 77 grams Ken 89 grams

Part of the super hero series.

This kendama features:
– Performer Shape
– The Final Bevel
– Maple/Purpleheart Ken
– 61.5mm Beech Tama
– CREAL Stick Paint
– CRATER Balance Hole
– Upsized Kendama Bag
– 2 x 12 Finger String
– 1 x Spinner Bead
– Cereal Kendama Stickers