Cherry Wood Burl Dish with Black Walnut Base


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This piece is made from cherry burl wood that I foraged and harvested by hand and dried and processed at home. I turned it by hand on my lathe and filled in a few voids with neon and glow in the dark pigments and clear epoxy, then mounted it to a black walnut base. I really love how the grain of the wood looks on burls and especially the looks on this piece. 

This is one of the most challenging bowls I’ve ever made, it had an ant colony inside of it that I removed and had to fill the voids in with epoxy. there was literally ants flying out of the wood as I was turning it and as I got further in I found the royal jelly chambers and the larva, it was definitely a wild experience that’s for sure. There will never be a piece quite like this one again.

The dimensions are 5″ wide and 2.5″ tall with a inner bowl depth of 1″ and the finish on the bowl is teak oil