Cubedama With Tracking Lines


This Cubedama features

  • Tracking lines that glow in the dark after it has been charged by a light source.
  • Paduak wood cube
  • UV reactive multi color string along with 2 replaced strings
  • A handmade bag for storage and transport
  • Come with Free UV keychain flashlight

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After playing kendama for a bit over a year and making a my own kendama shape and experimenting with new skill toy ideas I came up with the Cubedama which was my favorite. Having some friends and folks test them out and getting nothing but positive feedback made me know this was a solid idea.

With this toy you can hold it by either the ball or cube allowing for all sorts of tricks, stalls and combos the only limit is your own creativity so have fun and push the boundaries!

If you ever have any questions or suggestions please reach out as I’m always happy to help!

if you need to restring your Cubedama and would like more information here is a link to a instructional video I made on how to do that


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