Extra Large Poplar and Canary Wood Fantasy Mushroom


  • This Mushroom is about 3.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide
  • Features Rainbow Poplar for the cap and Canary Wood For the base
  • The Lightning patterns have Pink, Blue, Yellow And Chartreuse Glow in the Dark Pigment

Out of stock

After Playing around with using multiple wood types together on my kendama I wanted to give it a try with my lightning mushrooms. I am thrilled with the results and am making them available to the public! I also decided I would start selling premade one off lightning mushrooms and listing them on my site, and this is one of the first few!

  • The lightning patterns are made by electricity and is called lichtenberg wood burning.
  • All wood is hand selected from one of the top exotic wood suppliers in the midwest.
  • No stain is used on any of the wood, the color of the wood is it’s natural color.
  • This piece is finished with Teak Oil.
  • The whole fabrication process is done by hand and by one person in the upper peninsula of Michigan.