Rowyn’s Kendama – WYN Shape


This kendama shape was specifically designed to match the geometry of the bevel on the tama providing the ultimate amount of surface contact giving you the most confident feeling stalls! Check out the photos in the product listing to see how the ken perfectly fits the tama!

Serado wood types from top to bottom Canary, Purpleheart wood and Padauk. Spike is Purpleheart and Padauk

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When I was thinking about this design I was noticing that most kendama have a flat surface around the cup of the serado and I saw that when the tama rested on it there was only contact are the very edges of the serado. I thought it would be cool if I could make a curved surface that would fully contact the shape of the bevel on the tama. I slowly turned the shape to perfectly match it and gave it a play. I was immediately impresses with how much grip I got when I landed stalls and knew I had to make more of these for others to experience. I asked the kendama community for name ideas, I gathered up the name ideas and held a vote. The WYN shape was the winner so that’s what I went with.

This Ken Features

  • Purple heartwood spike and African Padauk base
  • Canary, Purple Heartwood and African Padauk Serado
  • Lip around the cups on the serado helps for axe stalls
  • Extra wide rings on the serado give you solid landing spots for bird stalls and wing stalls
  • Ring is extra wide giving you a solid landing spot for ring stalls
  • Purple Heartwood spike also holds up great meaning there is less of a need to glue your spike!
  • The two types of wood on the sword also have a dowel inside helping give them extra strength other than glue alone
  • Weight Serado 45 grams, Sword 43 grams, is 88 grams total.

TAMA Not Included